Minding your own business is a full time job but it doesn’t have to be! CSIFlex delivers the informaiton that matter, when it matters to the right person in the right format. Information is power, put it to work for you.

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CSIFLEX delivers information in context to your team so they can fully harness the potential of the data captured throughout your enterprise. This easy-to-deploy role-based solution can safely capture, activate, share, and allow executives to analyze and leverage structured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiencies. CSIFLEX provides a way to discover the facts, recognize value, then utilize this information for better business insight and outcomes. Deploying CSIFLEX is quick and easy, it’s completely scalable, for both large and small operations, and it’s AES encrypted data vault ensures your data is kept safe at all times, even when it’s accessed via our cloud-based solution.

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eNETDNC Wired and Wireless DNC. The most Reliable, Secure, Flexible and Cost Effective CNC file management using any existing Ethernet network. Industrial grade hardware provides dependable system performance and data quality preservation. System configuration eliminates dependence on any specific PC.


eNETDNC/CSIFlex Monitoring software automatically or manually records resource status from the machine’s communication interface.The collection of live and accurate equipment status is a key element to understand and achieve consistently high quality and efficiency.


Intelligence at your fingertips. Easy-to-analyze. Detect trends at a glance with graphics that make business sense. Measure with precision. Calculate metrics that mater.


Expert Support and Guidance . Professionals with manufacturing and shop floor experience .Proven track record with the manufacturing community.Industry leading products. Documented Bottom Line Results

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